UNIQLO - UT Feel the SEA

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UNIQLO has collaborated with a handful of designers in Southeast Asia for a t-shirt collection called “UT - Feel The SEA”.  Inksurge's design are inspired by the Philippine jeepney folk art, which are representation and expression of the street since jeepneys are still the most popular mode of transporation in the Philippines. UNIQLO courtesy of Plus81 Magazine (JP) referenced some of our works from our previous exhibit in Pablo Gallery. They wanted us to create an emblem which could represent the theme “street concept”

Work Hard -The emblem is a representation of celebration by the hard working nature of the carabao

Bless Our Trip (Night Version) -Based on the folklore, the Philippine Eagle's sharp eyes could see beyond the countries boundaries (having a total of 7,100 islands). The emblem includes the 3 stars which resembles the 3 main land of Philippines

Eagles and Snakes -a visualization of the predator and the prey or vice versa

Chixcon -The type is based on the famous lettering style which can be seen in all taxi's here, bearing a hand-painted "Aircon" label. This also includes a small text saying that the ride is from one point to any point in Manila