The Creative Resource Guide: Crafting Laos and Cambodia

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The Creative Resource Guide: Crafting Laos and Cambodia is a new series on crafts and innovation in Cambodia and Lao PDR by . This series of country-specific guides looks at different types of organisations (e.g. Not-for-profit, NGOs, private businesses) that have combined century-old creative practices with new design approaches, to produce unique objects and products.

Researched and written by Magali An BERTHON, a freelance cultural documentarist with extensive research knowledge in Southeast Asian textiles and sustainable processes, this guide presents a directory of 20 most pioneering organisations in Cambodia and the Lao PDR engaged in crafts and design initiatives around 3 main thematic areas: heritage preservation, innovation and community empowerment. For each theme, the guide also features one in-depth interview with a key player in the sector. A series of interactive maps visually documents each section: the silk production cycle (preserving ancient traditions), the most innovative upcycling techniques for textiles, metal, plastic and paper (innovation beyond traditions) and the challenges faced by such initiatives in terms of empowerment of local communities particularly women

Editor: Magali An Berthon
Design and Layout: Inksurge
Editorial Illustrations: Inksurge
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
ISBN: 9789811416088
Pages/Weight: 28

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Original iconography and editorial illustrations for the publication

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