Silverlens Galleries

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Since the outbreak of the pandemic, contemporary society has been fundamentally altered. As we adapt to the new conditions exacted by the health crisis, SILVERLENS have endeavoured to remain connected with their audience. Earlier this year, they made the decision to increase their digital presence within the world’s increasingly virtual landscape.

The enhancement of their online platform was in order to strengthen communication between themselves and their growing audience. The new layout was designed to be accessible, allowing interested parties to enquire about pieces with ease, and to schedule gallery visits in advance.

As physical locations transition into digital settings, perhaps the most significant feature in the new site is the addition of the Viewing Room. In an effort to enhance the visual experience, as well as to further support the works they exhibit––the very foundation of their line of work––they will be publishing digitally exclusive shows in this space periodically. 

With the improved database system and cross-linking between shows and events updates, we redeveloped a well-defined Content Management System (CMS), based on their needs and requirements