No Chaos No Party - 28 Artists in Metro Manila

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No Chaos No Party is a 218 page hard-back book featuring interviews, artworks and the personal archives of 28 contemporary artists who live and work in Metro Manila, Philippines.

As a conversation in text and images, the book illustrates how artists love and hate a perfectly imperfect city, because Metro Manila is full of contradictions. So the title uses the concept of chaos, a word often used to describe the Metro in a negative way, as a positive starting point for a diverse set of artistic energies inspired by the limitless content the city provides. But rather than embark on an almost impossible geographical survey of the art scene in Metro Manila, a group of inter-generational artists working across a variety of medium, were selected to give an overview of life in the capital. They were then interviewed and photographed over the course of 2015, sharing anecdotes from their lives, thoughts on their artistic practices and the alternative spaces related to them, as well as their hopes and frustrations on Metro Manila.


Poklong Anading, Renato Barja Jr, Valeria Cavestany, Lena Cobangbang, Francis Commeyne, Louie Cordero, Vermont Coronel, Leslie De Chavez, Dex Fernandez, Carlo Gabuco, David Griggs, Gino Javier, Eisa Jocson, Romeo Lee, Jose Legaspi, Pow Martinez, Maya Muñoz, Wawi Navarroza, Manuel Ocampo, Christina Quisumbing Ramilo, Iggy Rodriguez, Norberto Roldan, Mark Salvatus, Kaloy Sanchez, Gerardo Tan, Ryan Villamael, MM Yu and Maria Jeona Zoleta

With Valeria Cavestany as Editor in Chief, Eva McGovern-Basa as Managing Editor and designed by Inksurge, the book aims to promote contemporary Filipino artists and the city in which their practices exist.

The book project started on the late 2014 and was launched on December 2016. Our approach for the book design was based on the conversational aspect of the interviews and the selected works to be featured on the book. Each of the page was designed to present the individuality of each of the unique artists in relation on how they work and feel about Metro Manila.

Holographic Paper on 4mm Board with Gloss Lamination + 150 GSM Tracing Paper
Hard Bound + Smythe Sewn
320 x 230 mm / 218 pages

270 gsm Matte Art Card for Pop-Up

Printed in 140 gsm Tauro Special paper

150 gsm Lumislik Paper for Fold-Out infographics inside sleeve

Colored Ribbon Bookmarks

Publication Director: Valeria Cavestany
Managing Editor: Eva McGovern-Basa
Project Manager: Oliver Ortega
Proofreading: Alex Gregorio and Fatima Avila
Photography: MM Yu
Photo Essay and Letter: Ringo Bunoan
Interview, Transcription and Translation: Nathaniel and Marya Silang
Creative Direction and Design by: Inksurge

Printed in Hongkong / Published by Solutions HK