Ian Fabro - The Arrow Of Time in the Heart of the Sun

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Art book design for Ian Fabro's exhibit entitled The Arrow of Time in the Heart of the Sun in UP Vargas Museum. The concept of the art book was based on Ian's work which are detailed, layered, patched and stapled together that creates an image with heavy Biblical overtones. The first part of the book covers the narrative written by Tad ErmitaƱo which are layered with text in over a blood-red colored paper over the image. The second book contains the behind the scene and details of each pieces, while the last book contains the actual work overlayed with text by Audrey Carpio.

56 Leaves in total printed in Chroma offset white 90 GSM, Curious Translucent Red Lacquer in 100 GSM, and Sensation G-Satin Ultra White 120 GSM. The jacket of the book is in Cordenon Wild Black 300 GSM with emboss lines that mimics the different sizes of the art book.


Introduction by Tad ErmitaƱo
Text by Audrey Carpio
Photographs by Artu Nepomuceno
Design and Art Direction by Inksurge

Special Thanks

Patrick Flores, Erwin Romulo and Norman Crisologo

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