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Just Transition Forum in Asia (JTFA) aims to facilitate cross-regional information sharing, peer learning and alliance building among different stakeholders in Asian countries. The aim is to develop a broad-based network of progressive players – such as trade unions, academia, CSOs, the private sector, think tanks, decision-makers, youth, and gender experts/ feminist activists – to explore and envision national, sectoral and regional energy pathways, which challenge dominant development narratives, such as pro-fossil fuel positions. The forum will also explore how the principle of Just Transition can be applied to sectors other than energy. A global initiative by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES Asia) in collaboration with Climate Action Network Southeast Asia (CANSEA)

The design approach is a fitting representation of the Just Transition initiative, that is diverse sectors and industries working together towards better and more sustainable business practices based on the concept of a tangram puzzle, with different shapes (individual disciplines) contributing to paint bigger and bolder pictures (just practices). It echoes the sentiment of constant and positive transformation, driven by the understanding that this shared goal can only be achieved through combined efforts, openness to dialog/learning, and innovation.