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Creative Responses to Sustainability - Portugal Guide

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Since 2015, has been publishing the series Creative Responses to Sustainability, a series of country-specific guides that look at arts organisations addressing issues of sustainability in their artistic practice in several countries of Asia and Europe. For this 6th Guide on Portugal, the first European guide in the series in collaboration with Ci.CLO, an independent organisation based in Porto, whose work focuses on photography and its interaction with other artistic, environmental and social platforms.

The Guide identifies 16 most significant cultural organisations contributing to social and environmental change in Portugal. In addition to the Directory, the guide also features 2 essays: one on Regenerating Sustainability Through Community-Led Initiatives by Gil Penha-Lopes and Tom Henfrey; the other by Nancy Duxbury, Thoughts on Future Directions: Art and Culture in Transformations Toward Greater Sustainability, looking at future directions in the area of sustainability and the arts. The essays provide a contextual background to the practical approach of the Directory as they set the framework of where Portugal stands in the global debate on the role of arts and culture in promoting sustainability.

Editor: Valentina Riccardi
Project Coordination: Valentina Riccardi and Virgílio Ferreira
Introduction: Gil-Penha Lopes
Mapping / Directory: Ana Carvalho
Future Directions: Nancy Duxbury
Conclusion: Jayne Dyer
Production: Ana Cidade Guimaraes
Editing and Proofreading: Jayne Dyer and Claire Wilson
Design and Layout: Inksurge
Editorial Illustrations: Inksurge
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
ISBN: 9789811416064

All rights reserved © Cover photo credit: Capa | ©Claudio REIS, 2019/Ci.CLO Bienal’19

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Original iconography and editorial illustrations for the publication

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