Creative Responses to Sustainability - Australia Guide

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Since 2015, has been publishing Creative Responses to Sustainability, a series of country-specific guides looking at creative responses to sustainability in different countries in Asia and Europe. We have been commissioned to layout and design the Guide for Australia, the 5th in the series, written and researched by Claire Wilson. The guide for Australia will feature a directory of 25 most pioneering and significant cultural organisations contributing to social and environmental change through their artistic practice. In addition, the Australia Guide will feature an interactive map of the country with links to identified organisations, so as to facilitate connections with the local operators in the country.

Editor: Ms. Claire Wilson
Design and Layout: Inksurge
Editorial Illustrations: Inksurge
Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
ISBN: 9789811180361
Number of Pages: 55

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Original iconography and editorial illustrations for the publication

Detailed map illustrations for geographic locations

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