Coco Dolce Chocolates

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Coco Dolce Chocolates - luscious, creamy blend of fine cacao beans, low-glycemic organic coconut sugar and virgin coconut oil — all community-traded from tropical Mindanao. Made by artisans from bean to bar using the traditional conche method by The Freefood Co. The Freefood Co. was created for something bigger: to improve the quality of life of farmers in the Philippines, and to offer healthier natural sweetener alternatives to consumers around the world. It’s a fair and beneficial exchange between people who work the rich farmlands and to those who value the healthy gifts of its harvest. Founded in 2013, Freefood Co. belongs to a community making a stand for better health, supporting the development of rural areas into becoming sustainable communities, and a respect for the planet and its resources. We were commissioned to rebrand the various packaging per variant including the display boxes for the commercial market

There are elements from the previous packaging which resembles tribal patterns and ethnic symbolisms to it, so we used it as a visual cue to modernize it. And rather than literally using those elements and symbols, we used abstract shapes to design,  create a feeling and send a message that the chocolates are being produced and traded at a community in tropical Mindanao.

Packaging for 45 Grams

Aside from the packaging, we also created the branding system for the Freefood Co. This includes design for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folder and website.