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APHRO, the concept store, takes fondly from her namesake, the Greek goddess Aphrodite.  

She is beautiful, bold, and exuberant.
She is unpredictable, fun, and spunky.  

Born of the sea foam that rides constantly changing waves, the store is made of all things beautiful, displayed in lovely disarray.  

Like opening up a jewelry box, a treasure trove of local goods from avant garde paintings to playful sculptures to functional home pieces are shuffled and re-shuffled in a neat jumble every week on its stepped interiors reminiscent of the goddess’ temple. It makes every visit to this carefree, eclectic, ever-changing space a new experience that leaves the art-loving soul  wanting for more.  

As the goddess, who is muse to both the gods and mortal craftsmen, APHRO seamlessly combines the refinement of art appreciation and the simple everyday joys of shopping. So whether you take home an APHRO piece in elegant wrapping or simply browse to take in the lovely view, you’ll find yourself -- charmed.


The monogram was developed from the letter A together with the ampersand ligature which reflects the philosophy of having a never-ending pursuit of change in products and ideas.

The brand incorporates rose gold and black accents that denotes the sense of seduction, mellow yet luxurious.

APHRO stationery system - Debossed gift card printed on Conqueror Smooth Wove Oyster 220 gsm / Gift card envelopes printed on Cordenons Wild Black 150 gsm / Note card printed on Conqueror Smooth Wove Pearl 300 gsm with black stamped envelopes printed on Cordenons Wild black 150 gsm

Printed in Centennial Illustrado 300 gsm / Black Foil Stamping

Printed in Gmund Colours Black 600 gsm / Blind letterpress + Rose Gold foil

APHRO is located at The Alley at Karrivin, 2316 Pasong Tamo Ext, Makati City. Open from Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 8pm.

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