6 September 2017


The new record of The National - Sleep Well Beast.

Just found out that it was designed by Luke Hayman, a New York based Pentagram partner!

My all time favourite band, and I was not aware Matt Berninger and Scott Devendorf had a design background.

Hayman had known Devendorf from his days working with Miller, and the two had been in touch over the years leading up to this project – the first on which The National had brought in a formal agency to work on such a wide-ranging suite of designs. “They’re a very smart band and were very self-aware that they were working with Pentagram to do an identity,” says Hayman, “so one thing led to another, and they found it quite amusing to push the idea of making it ‘corporate.’” [Pentagram work for The National takes wry look at corporate branding]

Pentagram X Ntl.
Pentagram X Ntl.